The scorching light emerged with fierce fire,
Folks in queue suddenly spread in chaos.
The colour of street is grey to blood,
No difference as tears blended with red.

Hear the scream,you know who cried?
Adult or kid,old or young?
Do you know is that pain or despair?
The hurt is inside or outside?

Air is humid and so is the sight around,
The smell is pungent and so is the redness.
Vocal cords are fine but no will to work,
Tongue is functional but no appetite.

I wanted to see colours but vibrant
Not drenched with sadness.
My bones hurt when I saw that
Because I can’t use my bones to reach them

The feeling of empathy makes us,
Drives towards steps of hope.
No wonder relief comes,
A helping hand,a bag of food and a sack of clothes.

Donated love, feeling and support,
They looked back as they hoped
Little flicker of lamp ..
I could see the bit of it in those tiny eyes.IMG_20170523_214230.jpg


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