Disease and Cure

If this is from Arab to Non Arab,Asian to European or European to Asian,Black to White or White to black,I would start with our common humanitarian root.

Nurturing in four variant places renders me in question and answer session,observation and action.

The word is not uttered but is felt,hit and seen.

There was a time when there was difference in status of people then a moment came when slavery was abolished,abuse was condemned but physically .The difference didn’t vanish from MINDs.

Talking about Racism and Intolerance makes me uncomfortable though but it is worth mentioning that this needs dialogue again and again because then there would be some change ahead.

My one year old son is equal in my eyes to any other daughter or son in this world.

When one kid falls,don’t see whether he is Christian,Hindu,Jew,Atheist or Muslim.He fell as a human not as a religious personality.Give him aid as human.

I know I may talk similar issues which you all have heard before and nothing is being done practically but the issue lies in our action.When an individual practices indifference in his or her own circle then the message is served.

In times of war all over the globe when every sensible heart is in despair,everyone of us needs compassion even if found in bits because that keeps us united and gives the reason to live and move on.

The hope today is the humanitarian aid to people in famine in East Africa,the relief setup for people in hunger and sickness in Syria and Yemen,

the call for help and support for Rohingya Ethnic group in Myanmar.

Saudi Arabia is a place of peace for some and reserved for other.I experienced both but when I left,it was the peace I took when an Arab woman told me,’ We all are brothers and sisters.’

Bangladesh was a visit tour destination  every two years.There I felt the warmth of all family get together.There were fights but tears were shed when anyone was in pain.

A passenger of a rickshaw (tricycle commute in India and Bangladesh) calls the driver ‘Mama’ or ‘Chacha’ meaning Uncle!Here the step of indifference starts.At time people give tips only because the driver is a person of age and working hard to make both ends meet.

Pakistan was a place where I found opportunity to become a physician which was my dream.I will not forget the benevolence of those people who told me that Bangladesh is our part.I wondered even there is a ethnic  conflict going on direct or indirect between the two countries ,the sentiments between the people are tender and  connected.

We do notice negativity around but we fail to remember the individual steps of goodness to cherish ourselves.

Finally I would mention United States of America of which a small town of greenery.A mixture of various ethinic people walk along.If anyone sees a Muslim,they say Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you)  and welcome to USA.

If a wheelchair of a Hindu is stuck on pavement ,a Christian comes up to relieve.There is exchange of smile.

Only because of this exchange ,people are living together for decades.I don’t deny the presence of hatred among those but power of positivity is more and we need to focus on that so that it wins and we all are one again.IMG_20170524_132735.jpg


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