A trip to Borumchora and Shangu river

The ripe tomatoes
The unforgettable colour of peas

I reached at the land of virtuous people who yearn for a smile and nice response from the visitors.The people of the vale came with whatever they had  just to express their sincerity and hospitality.The half ripe tomatoes,the greenish yellow bananas and the long green field of purple peas…the exotic aura of freshness.The island ,near the Shangu River where we reached via boat ,is astounding due to its lush greenery,the struggling farmers and the natural resources.He rendered us the peace of mind in these hidden areas of the world.From the river,only the trees of island are visible but what lies behind the curtain of greenery,this is our aim to know.He blessed us so much that the words end and praise doesn’t.

Delicious Jujubas
Delicious Jujubas


“And the stars and trees prostrate”.( Sura Ar Rahman 55:6)

The unending fields
The endless fields
The bamboos taken for trade via Shangu River
The trail of bamboos taken for trade via Shangu River
The gift from the hard working people of BorumChora
The gift from the hard working people of BorumChora

When we were coming back,poor people gathered around for farewell.I can’t see any replacement of the tears they shed,of love and humility.

The serene water
The serene water
The green tomatoes
The green tomatoes

“Is the reward for good [anything] but good?” (Sura Ar Rahman 55:60)

All dignity and honor belongs to Him,Al Musawwar, The Shaper of Beauty. All thanks to Him ,Dhul Jalali wal Ikram,The Lord of Majesty and Bounty, Who made my eyes able to see His creation ,made my heart tremble with the feeling of people’s love for people,gave my hands the sense of serenity of river.

All praise to The Holy Siraaj (Peace be upon Him), The Lamp who kindled at the dark ages and we got the way to enlightenment ,The way of guidance……….


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