The Concealed

The last sparrow was seen flying far from vision but it was sure that it has tried its best to be at level at least despite the harsh blow of weather in the gloomy dusk.The mirror shows the reflection of what we send forth and it signifies the virtue and evil.

One says that he does not want anything.It is possible that he wants but waits for exploration and if the yearning is fulfilled,the glow is evident in his eyes.Sometimes the words can’t speak but the expression shows the actual desire.That is the way of ones who hesitate and the ones whose situation was better before and now the calamity comes up and the ones who never compromise on self dignity…

These one are to be sought and to be helped in a way that their soft heart doesn’t get hurt and the love among the people of this world prevails with taking care of each other.This is the message of THE CREATOR  and

The Holy Prophet PBUH reminded:

” A believer is like a brick for another believer, the one supporting the other.” (Muslim 6258)



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