The Journey of Thoughts Part 9

He applied for job at places.It’s the need of his situation but all in vain.The demand was for high level references and bribery.For a while, he thought to avail the opportunity for the “good” of his family.Everyone will be glad at this chance and there will be no financial worries.

He walked towards the main building but suddenly he noticed something.His feet were numb and fatigued.He felt wary,eyes were drooping and peace of mind was gone!

This was the first call which comes to every person.


Natural inclination… and whoever deviates goes astray.

Next step is to listen to call  or ignore it.

When one ignores,the tiredness is for eons and if one listens to it, the apparent good chance is left and trial for real good chance starts and the quest doesn’t go wasted.There may be some more time needed,some exhibition of tolerance of complaints required and overall the fight against the odd is to be determined…

He left the building and with this intention that he would be the first and individual to take the step towards righteousness.

And he got job after 3 months with good salary,facilities and  overall the peace of mind without which the life is not a life!

The Beneficent taught us

“Guide us towards right path.” (Verse 06, Surah Fatihah)calm



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