The Journey of Thoughts Part 8

Sometimes  there comes a moment when stillness freezes the surround and it seems that everything is held in its own place and silence encroaches despite the presence of sound of life.If one wants something and can’t tell,how to know?If the confusion is whether to get or not to get then what would be the way?The core of earth is blazing fire and the crust is the cold cover,protecting the momentum.Can anyone feel this when one walks on the earth?The beauty of an unbosomed flower can be left behind or be given chance to bloom. The choice is given with pros and cons but ultimately there is a flower to radiate the color…Who knows? purple,pink,green,magenta,aqua green or

the colour which I or you never imagined with our little brains!

All this thinking is irrational without a belief…belief that He would guide us to knowledge..the knowledge which is within and without,the knowledge of life overall.

Let us read this till the next step.

‘Say: “Sufficient is Allah for me! In Him trust those who put their trust.”

(Surah Al Zumar :Ayat 38)



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