The thought which got lost on the way…

I know that there is inspiration and motivation but will it be forever?The path is straight with thorns which take out drop of blood but is that better than blood all around with wrong path?Calamity teaches how to stand up once again…just to survive this little but precious life.To walk together is a bliss but to be apart for a cause has the message of journey towards the peak which no one can see but He can see.Has anyone felt the depth of sadness?No comparison indeed even with the depth of happiness.
When light of star is not visible despite being present,the breeze doesn’t touch heart despite being there and no melody reaches heart despite being harmonious….What does that mean?
When a person walks and doesn’t feel tired despite being tired…what does that comprehend?
Waiting for the answer and looking forward to move on and forget the answer.

“Aye, surely there is ease after hardship”
(Sura Al Inshiraah.Verse no.7)


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