Zameer the conscience….Do you know him?

Friday …! 1oth of  October, 2014.

One step ahead on beauty of life.

The Endeared of The Beloved ,Holy Prophet (PBUH)  said,

“None of you truly believes (in Allah and in His religion) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”

[Bukhari and Muslim]

Every person, in his own sphere, can monitor himself with knowledge of all odds of life around.

Some may go for the niche  and leave the soil which gave him the chance to practice for first walk.The reason would be because that soil is old and of no use.

I agree that it may be of no use but the fault doesn’t lie in it .Did I stay ever to use it!

We don’t learn and if learn then we do it with calculations….the time ,the money in return ,the benefit in response.We don’t intend to learn for the sake of learning something be it a little…

A doctor, a journalist , a reporter ,paramedical staff and every professional person should strive for the right in his own sphere.

Facing blackmail of gunshot , robbers at home  and having the feeling of death at any moment comes when one is ready to face the challenge of giving a little input to beautification and benefit of society.But in exchange of that ,I saw the shine of faith, the light of honesty in eyes of that person and I was enthralled.There is no word further to explain that.

Let’s contribute towards self monitoring!



    Our sky…this one in my share


I am extremely grateful to Mr. Shaukat Ali Javed ,Chief Editor of Pulse Medical Journal,Pakistan.

He honored us and delivered lecture on Islamic Bio medical Ethics.

A man of honesty is always in peoples’ dreams but today I saw one of them actually with all praise to Him…My motive to survive.



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