The Journey of Thoughts Part 7

2 Feb 2013 : Anene Booysen,  17 year old South African case of gang rape and disembowelment.

16th Dec 2012  : the anonymous 23 yr old Indian case of gang rape and disembowelment.

25th Dec 2011 : Lama 5 year old Saudi Arabian case of rape.

3rd July 2009  : Sana , 3 yr old Pakistani case of rape and dead body in manhole.

24th Oct 2009 : Richmond High school 15 year old American case of gang rape.

April 2007, 14 year old British schoolgirl case of gang rape in East London.


The list doesn’t end…neither further nor back even if I want to…..

Despite trying to be strong, my eyes get still ,my ears are dumb  and I am speechless.

No tears…lacrimal glands have stopped working.

So many factors I can’t comprehend at this moment.

My reaction :  I don’t want this news as I can’t tolerate but can I close my eyes when the turn comes in my vicinity?

As a human being I try to find the causes,the thoughts of the one who were sufferers,the mentality of the one who were the cause of the suffering.

In reports we see people belonging to all castes,religion and country… OUR WORLD.

Now  I understand the human nature has both good and bad.There is a control mechanism which limits human being from turning into a being not imagined by us.

When the mother instructed the little girl not to go outside alone,there is a word we name it “conservative”.

When the teenage boy was told not to stare at girls,there is a term we call “extremist”.

When the men were told not to indulge with women other than the 14 relatives ,we gave the title of ” mulla”.

When the daughters were told to cover themselves properly even in front of family men, we call them ” narrow minded”.

It seems all of it but

all these terms converted into GUILT and SADNESS when the cases have already shivered the spines.

He began to tell us before time so that the feet don’t get stuck in mud we don’t like.

“Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and protect their private parts. This is more purer for them. Indeed Allah is Well-Aware of what they do.” (Surah Nur: 30)

His beloved shed his tears for people and predicted:

“A Man Must Never Be Alone With A Woman, For Verily The SATAN Is Their Third.” [Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi 3118]

Let’s embark on journey to self purification rather than criticizing others…





World is PURE with His consent.



Without purity of heart there is no purity of thought - Facebook Quotes -




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