Baatin……..The Hidden


He wore a simple dress devoid of any design ,enough to be ignored by eyes of a passerby.

At a farther spot, a jar filled with drinking water was kept and there was a rhythm of falling drops on floor.

When the prayer time was called upon, he got up and tried to copy the immediate fellow who was performing ablution.

He washed his hands ,face and feet as he couldn’t understand the steps.Then he stood behind the leader and started prayers.One of the viewers of this stranger noticed the unique attention and brightness on his shaved face.It felt as if he is in deep talks with The Beloved.Then he bowed humbly and then prostration followed by.Every move was so serene that the surprise took the place of ignorance in the eyes of that passerby.

People were whispering how deeply he is in his prayer!What a submission and calmness on his face!

They were shocked because neither he had beard nor had he known how to make ablution.He was so unaware of basics!!!

The historian’s white papers were filled with ink…the whole event which was going on.

The man left the prayer area.People noticed contentment in his eyes.The falling water drops stopped and the rhythm faded with time.

It was known later that the man was raised in an orphanage.He didn’t have anyone in his surround to give him knowledge of basics!!

He was a wanderer of deserts and loved to see people speaking truth,praying five times,washing themselves five times and helping people in their chores.

He was at the beginning of his way to take the sip of pure drink.

He has felt His Love,The One Who is near our jugular vein.The man’s time starts now and he may take some time to be “in love” with Him…..some courage to follow Him.

This is the journey of the slave towards his Master,the way of love and submission.

Sometimes the two things apparent imprint a judgement in mind but not every time the person or his past is same.Sometimes we get to see a trait far more superior and closer to love.Other features follow with time.

It takes time to get an actual perception.

Till next let’s look for Baatin….The Hidden…




I want to thank  Elif Shafek  for her book on Rumi and Shams of Tabriz  “Forty Rules of Love”.Some points of it strengthened my faith upon The Beloved.


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