The Journey of Thoughts Part 6

The clouds are crying for long.Constant rustling of leaves is heard with water falling upon them.Cold breeze reminds the message once in between.Our fellows who are in pain and sadness…the ones who call the world to stand by their side so that agony is shared.I love rain because it softens the heart and feelings emerge out.I can cry because no one can see and clouds move lower to hug me.There is no war of brain and heart at this moment. The momentum of change starts at this time.

At this,I  get the feeling of Edwards The Scissorhands  when he made ice patterns and he was alone…no friends or parents to share his work  with.The simple snowfall enlivened the love in Kim and the bond always persisted despite no connection…It really did…

Here comes the difference between connection and bond.The rhythm of rain, the act of snowfall convey many thoughts which can’t be reached by words.

Nature keeps silent and that doesn’t mean there is no action.It is the introduction of change from base of pyramid to apex!


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