Abstract logic of hunger

No food just a date and water.She felt cramps in her abdomen and crave for having more started to dig in.

Suddenly at this time,she felt the pain of those kids who are hungry for days and the people whose face filled with blood concentrating tears and their mother is gone who cooked for them.

At this notion,the cramps and sadness disappeared.When the world is in pain how can one be in self agony?

Kids in africa crawl and succumb to attack of vulture and photographer commits suicide after making this known to world.

This showed her that the care is still there, people still get up for the fellows…

He prescribed the medicine of Fasting  just to feel the same,to know about the bond which has connected us electrically,spiritually

and mathematically.

Let us go through the contentment in having a date and a glass of water!!!Quotation-Criss-Jami-pain-wealth-hunger-food-experience-environment-poverty-awareness-Meetville-Quotes-253807


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