Going through…

At 5 am, still the sun is on its way and a kid wakes up all night with fear of getting late going  to school.A flashback of the same feeling  occurs.Fear of facing the world alone,trying not to leave hold of mother’s presence and dream of going into sweet dreams again…

I don’t know why I still remember when at 17 ,when mother l
eft me in academy and I still remember the touch of pillow which was the only soft thing nearest to me and I missed my closed ones…softness enveloped the cold heart.May be the events show you the parts of you which you are not aware of.

I feel the same when I have to wake up for my duty…that I am leaving my nest to face the mountains,storm and deep seas.

I ‘ve to fly even though I am scared.I’ve to go up higher even though tears roll down my cheek.I ‘ve to step out further even though my feet are numb.That kid has to do the same because he has to survive …..images


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