The Ray of Hope…..Where and Why?

I just got free from thoughts. My thoughts….my present treasure which I want to convert into some practical purpose.Getting a comparison done,I see stillness in this dynamic world…stillness in having some tender feeling towards  pain ,hunger, and blood.Drama is played on the stage but there is no identity of the actor.If blood and flesh is ahead on one side,joy and amusement welcomes us on the other side.In this circle of despair,I seek for the DOVE.

I look for my CARETAKER, Who urged us to ponder,to get solutions.

Why to fall when there is a slide to rise upon??

For example, there is a star. If it’s at one point, it’s radiations would be strong and perfect. If the star’s origin of light is disrupted….chaos is visible in its radiations.

If I am right,I get right in return….PAUSE!

Getting right can be getting anything right….not necessarily the expected result.

Have I ever fondled the soft petals of flower?Have I got the message of beautiful smile when a flower blooms??

Such a respectful inclination of grass I see,when I walk up the mountain.

This is the slogan of respect…respect for everything.

Even now,He answers when people call Him for rain.There is an apparent delay but infact it’s the right time because He knows when to ‘give’ exactly..

Open your eyes to see the truth behind the lie!

Desire is good but to leave the desires for something precious is the best.Renovation is going on inside.When I see my fellow injured,I desire to heal him,to support him or at least stand against whatever has hurted him!.

The Dove is around me.I see hawks and vultures haunting me.What I need to do is just to unveil the DOVE!


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