The Journey Of Thoughts Part 5

He talked rudely with me.My temper is going up.Flares started and my mind is not working.Why should someone have such an audacity to talk with me like that??My ego is so important.
Suddenly,anger ruins all the energy to go on further.Something strikes my mind.Where is this anger taking me to?My muscles are working more,my energy is being used up.My ego is satisfied in expense of my LOSS.
Why don’t I go for a good option?The best one! CALM DOWN.
I seek refuge in Allah The Almighty from the Satan.
If I am standing,I sit down.
If I am sitting,I lie down.
I drink a glass of water.
Problem solved.
I feel sudden peace with just winning the fight between ego and forgiveness for a matter that doesn’t matter actually.

Sometimes ,to let go of things, is a solution when one doesn’t find a solution.
This is the thought,right from the heart .
This is the war to be won by being the emblem of blooming flower.


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