The Journey Of Thoughts part 4

When I love someone,what are the rights ?What are the responsibilities?or just the feeling carries both together?
There is no ego and if there is ego,distance comes and it really hurts when you really love someone.Ego doesn’t matter much in usual kind of relationships.
Friends forever are not be planned,it just happens even if both people are not similar.You don’t need to force yourself for it.You just go for it.I remember there is a quote “Before we were born,in the world of souls,all souls don’t meet each other.the souls which meet,it’s easier to make up with them in this world but those who don’t meet there,can’t make up with each other.”
Sometimes,there is no reason to love and also not to love.One tries and tries but to no avail…
Just to end up with frustration and anger,it’s better to be at good terms with the person.
Silence is sometimes best solution than to speak up which is regrettable.
I know that once words spoken have an effect….really have an takes time to heal.
For the sake of living the world with beauty,go on even after you go down by some situation.


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