A practical view

I got across an article TWO STEPS FORWARD by Eman Al NAfjan at saudi woman blogger’s website.i wanted to share my view. I am a Muslim woman,neither saudi nor western.I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia for 17 years.then I moved to abroad for medical studies.I must say that the golden life time enjoyments were in Saudi Arabia where I felt protected and was provided freedom to be participant in every part of life.I didn’t see females of saudi arabia being far from development.Rather ,they are open to new opportunities in their happy environment.I was open minded in KSA and limitations came when I came to Pakistan.the appreciation of being born as a girl was the most peculiar thing I have seen in hospitals of Saudi Arabia..I didn’t see this in Bangladesh and Pakistan .no doubt,bad and good people do exist everywhere but regarding the system I would say it provided me recognition.I have been to Queen Effat college,Jeddah once.I was astonished to see the well educated female faculty and students who were modern too. Saudi American Bank has female branch in Jeddah.I had visited that too.it was so nice to see young and qualified women handling each post of the respective branch.
after coming to Pakistan,I felt the practical importance of Mahram for travelling,the safety and freedom of women in segregated arrangement.
all this which I am saying is the practical experience apart from the religious commandments..
my extracurricular activities got limited here because of unsafe environment.in Pakistan,many crimes and rape cases happen but there is no justice.People weep and ask for justice. .Rate of divorces increased not only in Saudi Arabia but in all countries due to lack of understanding, maturity and tolerance.
ALL I can say is wherever I live,I remember Saudia as my homeland and always give examples of it to my fellows here in Pakistan, where freedom of girl is obscured behind the physical freedom.
I know there are many news about divorces,rape and crimes.these should be reported to respective officials.this is happening all over the world.We focus on the maximum statistics and bring out the positivity.


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