The Journey of Thoughts part 3

Why to Love?Why to be humble?Whats the point in having a straight path?Roaming around the corners of world and choosing the random roads yielded me the failure.
To reach the point, I need a proper channel supervised by the One who will carry me through the obstacles with ardor and care.
To be at the doorstep at the exact time is to ensure the possession of responsibility….the blessing to be cherished indeed.

When i don’t feel the cold breeze,when the charm of life has lost its meaning ,when the words have shed their fragrance and the area is dark and gloomy,when I reject the love presented to me…I yearn for revival..I want to feel the beauty.I am on the way…….once more for survival.

 Its just the despair which makes me stand still but then a voice of hope comes and I see my thoughts coming true in dreams. When one gets the vibes of downfall,if he ponders upon the little happy gifts around,there would be relief from distress.If you see the ones below you,you will acknowledge the blessings you are provided. This is the solution given by my GUIDE ,The Holy Prophet PBUH for such an emotional state when you cant even think rationally.


2 thoughts on “The Journey of Thoughts part 3

  1. Inspiring, truly inspiring. “yearn” is your favourite word :), Love the way you wrote, every single line with such beauty and glamours. Its grasping! Keep it UP!!

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