The Journey of thoughts…Part 2

The dark clouds curtained the whole sky,the despair settled a step deeper.I dont have a laptop,a big house,a new mobile,………….the list goes on but ends somewhere at a diamond ring may be.
I do have eyes to see the colours,the ears to hear the song the sparrows sing in the morning,the heart to accept the love I get from people,the ability to study,to talk.I have my parents who yearned to see me as me,they
scolded so that i dont get hit in future.The opportunity to prostrate infront of Him when I present with a heap of sins……..the list goes on but doesnt end anywhere.
thats the difference.The rain starts and the daylight is clear.When I m grieved at not getting my desire fulfilled ,why would not i see the food i eat,the cloths I wear….

why would not i enjoy my sight when i see a blind.
the satisfaction starts from the dew drop,the flowers,the green meadows and beautiful birds.the first step available for everyone to get ahead.
i see the people around me in pain.He kept me blessed to walk on my feet when I can feel the agony a handicapped person has.
the hustle bustle of the city pushes me to the calm village.
the hatred makes me feel the need to call SOMEONE who can give me relief and support.The life is to go on with joy.The best part of it is when you are saved when you were sure to fall.When u r crying for ur desire,Someone listens to u lovingly………try to feel that.When u feel u cant bear anymore,u get relief becoz He says that nobody gets hardship more than one can bear!
life is so beautiful that a voice echoes in mind to kneel down before The One.The love for Him is so restless to be expressed.
I wonder how caring it is when u walk a step ahead towards him,He comes much nearer to you.I explore the marvels of life when I m in distress.Sometimes the depression envelops the whole mind and the pills seem to be the solution but why should not I go for a beautiful and permenent remedy.Talk to Him,share my feelings with Him.He created me,He knows me better than me.
the cheerful kids remind me of my childhood..the golden period.this time of innocence is the real charm .the destiny takes you to a path for struggle.wandering around the ground,you get the tips stepwise.
The question……comes in my mind just to seek this surprising world!Whats ipod…..whats mp3…whats computer…..The mind works like an unlimited programmed device.
everything at a time.where will u get such an advanced technology.
Thanks to The GLORIOUS Creator!
The belief of solution when every path to solution got blurred!
I had to pull off to get out of the problem I was confronted with but used to get vibes of spiritual strength.
tears rolled down the face and wiping them off with the new zeal of getting up was the last scene.
Thats the journey.thats the story right from the heart!


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