The Journey of Thoughts….Part 1

the quest

The agony left me shocked for a moment.Can I feel their emotions when distress engulfed them grossly!Can i offer my shoulder for them to cry on!Can i offer some silence to absorb their sadness for a while!
Not to forget those in agony when u r happy is a big task indeed.u offer help and u get infinity.Thats His deal with u.What an uncountable profit u get!
for a while,an urge comes to have for oneselfself but then something gets him motivated for distribution of possessions.For the sake of what?Whats that something?
Its the promise granted by Allah The Supreme for excessive return for the things one gives in the path of Allah SWT.
The best deal I have ever witnessed!the most profitable trade you would ever experience!
I call you for a try….


One thought on “The Journey of Thoughts….Part 1

  1. i love da way u have started journey ov thoughts,really inspirational for those who can understand da deep meanings of ur words..absolutely awesome..sooner or later v hav to return to da ALMIGHTY WHO created us and gave us de opportunity to think nd understand bw right nd wrong..

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