The fact

It was a moment of question when I went through the lines presented by Gwayne Dyer in the Dawn News of Pakistan on 11th of March.He deserves an appreciation for he has unveiled the situation Muslim french women are nowadays confronted with. Its a regret that Muslim women are facing such an extereme conservative situation in France.Where are the people who talk about freedom of expression and freedom of attitude?Our fellow brothers talk about extremism and always relate it to words like Islamization,Madrassah and Islamic Dawah .Then what this crisis of France would be labelled as?
200 dollars fine for wearing Hijab,I yearn for the reference of law from which this has been implemented.
No Halal foods in school canteen.No Hijab while in buses,shopping areas.
Here comes the reason behind…the hatred and nothing else.
Nowadays,everyone is seen participating specific discussion that minorities rights are violated in Pakistan.Now the laws of France also needs a voice from Muslims.
Its a need of time that we people revise our concept about extremism and its existence in areas where steps should be taken.


2 thoughts on “The fact

  1. Abeer Baji, nice way to start up a blog. Great Article and yeah the question arises where are the freedom fighters now? Those who fight for freedom of expression and attitude are completely invisible!

  2. Freedom of expression is there but has been exploited enormously.
    We need to revive the actual goal of freedom of expression,i.e.
    to express the right thing.If anything is invisible,we have to make it visible inshaAllah.
    Hope is the bird that flies till the destination.

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