Seen with hope in eyes,

with fear in heart..


Speechless at given chance,

he wants to speak,should he?


Thought of sprinkle of what he dreamt.

Does the pure tale exist?


Touched by the calmness,

Should he dare to touch?


No word uttered at all but felt,

Is this the moment to announce it?


Beauty unfurled,

Will he be allowed to claim it??

The Princess of Eternity

She went into a restaurant and looked for placing order.The queue for males was so long that it was hopeless to wait.People saw her and made way for her.Another special queue was arranged where two women were standing.Ironically,she placed her order quickly and received it within 5 minutes and came out with a sparkling smile on her face.Males were still waiting and their turn was late because of such a long queue ! They are strong enough to stand for life..Aren’t they? :)

She got 1rst cash prize from a contest and went to a bank to receive it.There was no idea how many counters she would have to go through.A respected male guided her to back of the bank.In the lift,there was a female security guard.After reaching upper floor,there were female bankers ,accountants and cashier.All female staff were having sip of tea and dealing with customers confidently.They wore beautiful dresses and didn’t have fear that anyone will disturb them or would stare them or would try to comment on them.They were free spirits enjoying in their enormous air conditioned department.

She went to a shop for buying something.The shopkeeper dignified her in a way that on return of change,he tried his best not to touch her hand because she may not like this you see!

She stepped up into the bus and didn’t find any vacant seat to occupy.She stood.After a while, three to four honorable men vacated their own seats and requested her to sit! She said , “No, thanks.”

They said,” Please have your seat.”

As I said before that men are strong and determinant to stand for long! :)

She is the Princess of The Beautiful World where the amazing intelligent men reside ,the well regarded and privileged.


It’s not easy to be a Princess.

The Guide said:

O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way).

That will be better, that they should be KNOWN (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allaah is Ever Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful

[al-Ahzaab 33:59]

Let us run on the way to get the title !!


Respect yourself if you would have others respect you. - Baltasar Gracian

The Journey of Thoughts Part 7

2 Feb 2013 : Anene Booysen,  17 year old South African case of gang rape and disembowelment.

16th Dec 2012  : the anonymous 23 yr old Indian case of gang rape and disembowelment.

25th Dec 2011 : Lama 5 year old Saudi Arabian case of rape.

3rd July 2009  : Sana , 3 yr old Pakistani case of rape and dead body in manhole.

24th Oct 2009 : Richmond High school 15 year old American case of gang rape.

April 2007, 14 year old British schoolgirl case of gang rape in East London.


The list doesn’t end…neither further nor back even if I want to…..

Despite trying to be strong, my eyes get still ,my ears are dumb  and I am speechless.

No tears…lacrimal glands have stopped working.

So many factors I can’t comprehend at this moment.

My reaction :  I don’t want this news as I can’t tolerate but can I close my eyes when the turn comes in my vicinity?

As a human being I try to find the causes,the thoughts of the one who were sufferers,the mentality of the one who were the cause of the suffering.

In reports we see people belonging to all castes,religion and country… OUR WORLD.

Now  I understand the human nature has both good and bad.There is a control mechanism which limits human being from turning into a being not imagined by us.

When the mother instructed the little girl not to go outside alone,there is a word we name it “conservative”.

When the teenage boy was told not to stare at girls,there is a term we call “extremist”.

When the men were told not to indulge with women other than the 14 relatives ,we gave the title of ” mulla”.

When the daughters were told to cover themselves properly even in front of family men, we call them ” narrow minded”.

It seems all of it but

all these terms converted into GUILT and SADNESS when the cases have already shivered the spines.

He began to tell us before time so that the feet don’t get stuck in mud we don’t like.

“Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and protect their private parts. This is more purer for them. Indeed Allah is Well-Aware of what they do.” (Surah Nur: 30)

His beloved shed his tears for people and predicted:

“A Man Must Never Be Alone With A Woman, For Verily The SATAN Is Their Third.” [Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi 3118]

Let’s embark on journey to self purification rather than criticizing others…





World is PURE with His consent.



Without purity of heart there is no purity of thought - Facebook Quotes -



Baatin……..The Hidden


He wore a simple dress devoid of any design ,enough to be ignored by eyes of a passerby.

At a farther spot, a jar filled with drinking water was kept and there was a rhythm of falling drops on floor.

When the prayer time was called upon, he got up and tried to copy the immediate fellow who was performing ablution.

He washed his hands ,face and feet as he couldn’t understand the steps.Then he stood behind the leader and started prayers.One of the viewers of this stranger noticed the unique attention and brightness on his shaved face.It felt as if he is in deep talks with The Beloved.Then he bowed humbly and then prostration followed by.Every move was so serene that the surprise took the place of ignorance in the eyes of that passerby.

People were whispering how deeply he is in his prayer!What a submission and calmness on his face!

They were shocked because neither he had beard nor had he known how to make ablution.He was so unaware of basics!!!

The historian’s white papers were filled with ink…the whole event which was going on.

The man left the prayer area.People noticed contentment in his eyes.The falling water drops stopped and the rhythm faded with time.

It was known later that the man was raised in an orphanage.He didn’t have anyone in his surround to give him knowledge of basics!!

He was a wanderer of deserts and loved to see people speaking truth,praying five times,washing themselves five times and helping people in their chores.

He was at the beginning of his way to take the sip of pure drink.

He has felt His Love,The One Who is near our jugular vein.The man’s time starts now and he may take some time to be “in love” with Him…..some courage to follow Him.

This is the journey of the slave towards his Master,the way of love and submission.

Sometimes the two things apparent imprint a judgement in mind but not every time the person or his past is same.Sometimes we get to see a trait far more superior and closer to love.Other features follow with time.

It takes time to get an actual perception.

Till next let’s look for Baatin….The Hidden…




I want to thank  Elif Shafek  for her book on Rumi and Shams of Tabriz  “Forty Rules of Love”.Some points of it strengthened my faith upon The Beloved.

The Journey of Thoughts Part 6

The clouds are crying for long.Constant rustling of leaves is heard with water falling upon them.Cold breeze reminds the message once in between.Our fellows who are in pain and sadness…the ones who call the world to stand by their side so that agony is shared.I love rain because it softens the heart and feelings emerge out.I can cry because no one can see and clouds move lower to hug me.There is no war of brain and heart at this moment. The momentum of change starts at this time.

At this,I  get the feeling of Edwards The Scissorhands  when he made ice patterns and he was alone…no friends or parents to share his work  with.The simple snowfall enlivened the love in Kim and the bond always persisted despite no connection…It really did…

Here comes the difference between connection and bond.The rhythm of rain, the act of snowfall convey many thoughts which can’t be reached by words.

Nature keeps silent and that doesn’t mean there is no action.It is the introduction of change from base of pyramid to apex!

The mere gesture

The kid marked all his body with a black marker and pushed the little fish pot from the table and it broke and when the mother at least tried to stare at him he smiled and the message was if the mother has noticed his success or not.

His radiant smile flushes the anger away from the eyes of mother.I notice that nowadays we have lost these little moments because everyone is busy in his own sphere.People of the world knows that you are so smart and ideal but the people of the home misses your attention.

A little clap and playing with them nourishes the love he desires.

A show of trust that the kid is safe to be mischievous in your cradle sparkles his eyes

And I tell, this shine surpasses the radiance of light in purity and effect!

The pain which is not seen

It’s said that heart can’t feel the actual pain like a hand feels when burnt.this is medical concept based on nerve distribution and function.Our psychological set up is so diverse that we experience which logics and facts don’t approve.Pain in heart is also one of the experiences.People in love and pain feel that and no one believes them and regard them as insane.

This is the point from where the actual body and spirit take up two separate pathways.

The problem can’t be picked by X ray ,Ultrasound or Echocardiography.It’s scanned by someone’s eyes which have power of vision beyond what we see.It is healed by words of which essence can’t be measured.It gets relieved in the cradle of the mother.

Look for these unfathomable events and let us embark on SPIRITUALITY

Abstract logic of hunger

No food just a date and water.She felt cramps in her abdomen and crave for having more started to dig in.

Suddenly at this time,she felt the pain of those kids who are hungry for days and the people whose face filled with blood concentrating tears and their mother is gone who cooked for them.

At this notion,the cramps and sadness disappeared.When the world is in pain how can one be in self agony?

Kids in africa crawl and succumb to attack of vulture and photographer commits suicide after making this known to world.

This showed her that the care is still there, people still get up for the fellows…

He prescribed the medicine of Fasting  just to feel the same,to know about the bond which has connected us electrically,spiritually

and mathematically.

Let us go through the contentment in having a date and a glass of water!!!Quotation-Criss-Jami-pain-wealth-hunger-food-experience-environment-poverty-awareness-Meetville-Quotes-253807

Going through…

At 5 am, still the sun is on its way and a kid wakes up all night with fear of getting late going  to school.A flashback of the same feeling  occurs.Fear of facing the world alone,trying not to leave hold of mother’s presence and dream of going into sweet dreams again…

I don’t know why I still remember when at 17 ,when mother l
eft me in academy and I still remember the touch of pillow which was the only soft thing nearest to me and I missed my closed ones…softness enveloped the cold heart.May be the events show you the parts of you which you are not aware of.

I feel the same when I have to wake up for my duty…that I am leaving my nest to face the mountains,storm and deep seas.

I ‘ve to fly even though I am scared.I’ve to go up higher even though tears roll down my cheek.I ‘ve to step out further even though my feet are numb.That kid has to do the same because he has to survive …..images

The unfolded bloom

I don’t see but I can see

the mist engulfing the shadow.

The breeze which can’t be seen but touched,

when the lily gifted it’s essence to it.

I couldn’t acquire the fact when it was clear,

it came to me when nothing was fair.

Simple is love when it’s there,

Special when it’s beyond you…


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